The Greatest Treasure in Life

New Year, 2017

There are numerous essential values throughout our life. Some rate health as their most vital esteem, and other rank money first. However, I  consider my family as the most profitable piece of my life. I believe that the adoration of my family is so important because of their unconditional love, deep understanding, and the continual support they give me.

Cebu City, 2016

My family has dependably given me genuine love. My parents particularly show me lots of affection and giving up of one’s own priorities. In the public eye, with a private matter, there is a ‘give and take’ mentality, and nothing is free. However, my family does not require anything from me, and never complain why I didn’t accomplish something in return for their care or love. When I had a boyfriend, I didn’t have enough time to take care of him. He regularly got furious and asked me for what valid reason I didn’t demonstrate to him an indistinguishable love and worry from what he did to me. Here and there other individuals in the public eye have additionally felt along these lines about me, however, my family could never do this. They simply give me unconditional warm love, and it doesn’t cost anything.

Camiguin, 2015

My family’s unqualified love also lead me to a deep of understanding me. Regardless of the possibility that my decisions are complicated, they generally attempt to profoundly comprehend and have trust in me. Having somebody who has trust in me gives me a deep comfort, and it makes me more grounded. However, my family put stock in me. Without my family’s support, I couldn’t have accomplished or even writing this.

Dakak Fantasy Land, 2014

Deep family understanding leads to their ongoing support for me. Whatever I do, they generally support me. Regardless of the possibility that I commit a mistake, rather than condemning me, they show to me each mistake I committed, and that I can learn things from committing a mistake. My family likewise support my choice to focus on concentrate hard. This is something that I am most thankful for. As a TCM student, as a communicator, I truly needed to study more English for my own sake. They are always there on my side to guide me.Without their solid support, I would not be here.


I value my family more than whatever else in my life because of my family’s unconditional love, deep family understanding, and nonstop support to me. Those things dependably help me to continue onward and to get stronger. Without my family, I couldn’t achieve nearly anything. My family is the most valuable fortune that I have gained from God in my life.



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