Best Place for Party People

Heya guys! Do you want some party? Please take your time to read. One of the best annual celebration electronic dance music in Las Vegas, wherein your favorite Dj’s is all gathered in. My future travel log for a hard party.  A place for fun and amazing party! Keep Exploring the world!

Image result for las vegas edm

Party goers are all accepting, not discriminating, and they use rave as alternative fun without the use of drugs.  The Electric Daisy Carnival is one of the biggest dance-music festivals in the country. It’s taking place in Las Vegas for the first time. The festival incorporates various styles of dance music including trap, bounce, trance, techno, bass house, hardstyle and more.

Noted by Thomas 2008: FYI

People do not go to party expecting to find sex partners or just to be seen there. Assume nothing about ravers except that they intend to have a great time at the rave. People who usually have a good time at their first rave will most likely continue going. Racial diversity reflects the general diversity of the population, but there are always those close-minded people who cannot except different kinds of people. Ravers attend these raves to let go of these social trappings. Ravers are very accepting of each other. Ravers go to raves for the people, the vibe, the music, and because they say a rave is a place where they feel they belong. Ravers see raves as a musical feast where they can find acceptance where everyone can be themselves.

Photo Credit: Vegas COMMUNITY


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